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Pancreas Detox

Finally control the sugar in your body and lower your blood sugar in 7 days

7 day cure

Pancreas cleansing is achieved with the Glycémia® Cure

A unique Phyto-Therapeutic formula made from bitter peppers from around the world

Drink for 7 days while living normally and without constraints

To optimize the result, we recommend doing:

Or a colon Irrigation session with therapeutic water enriched with Ozone

Or an Instillation with water enriched in Ozone

Blood glucose level analysis

A specialist nurse will take your blood sugar level on the 1st day of the Detox as well as on the 4th and 7th day to allow you to observe the evolution.

For an intense regeneration of the pancreas a maximum of 4 cures is recommended

Pancreas Detox is recommended if you suffer from the following symptoms:

Very frequent urination (urination)

Excessive thirst

Extreme hunger

Blurred vision

Lack of energy and extreme fatigue

Numbness and tingling in the hands

Numbness and tingling in the feet

Slow wound healing

Recurrent infections

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